Lighting & Spaces Collection

SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS extract the most beautiful colours from light! They bathe living spaces in brilliant light and bring them to life. The irresistible brilliance of SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS is the result of years of experience, constant innovation and technical perfection. SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS are the original product from Swarovski! The highly specialized cutting machines, originally invented by Daniel Swarovski, have been constantly perfected in the same way as all other areas of the crystal manufacturing process.

Spectra® Crystal Collection

SPECTRA® CRYSTAL stands for reliable quality, machine cut Swarovski crystal. As Swarovski’s second line for the lighting sector, this is a product that has been a registered trademark since 1999 and offers the most important cuts in clear crystal. As with all Swarovski products SPECTRA® CRYSTAL undergoes stringent quality control and is responsibly produced. It is second only to SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS in offering the best crystal for uniformity of sparkle, light reflection and spectral colours.

Knobs & Handles

The stunning collection of Knobs and Handles designed and crafted by Swarovski shines with an urbane combination of crystal and metal elements, fused together in a sophisticated, timeless, and distinctive design. As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, precisioncut crystals, Swarovski presents a stunning range of elegant pieces that will make every indoor space sparkle.
Opening doors to perfection, Swarovski Knobs and Handles recommend themselves for a multitude of furniture, bath and wellness applications. Customized solutions are available upon request. Our design experts will be at your service to make your interior design visions come true.

Swarovski Architecture, Interior Design & Lighting

Architectural Elements create brilliant and unique effects. Incident sunshine is already sufficient to cause the crystals to radiate their full range of spectral colours. Architectural Elements are individually designed works of art. The artistic creativity involved in the design of these motifs is limitless.

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