Swarovski is the leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystals that are used in the fashion and jewelry industries as well as in the world of lighting design, architecture, and interiors. Crystals from Swarovski have become an indispensable material for the creations of international designers. Swarovski sells its loose and forward-integrated crystals to the worlds of fashion and design under the product brand Swarovski.

This collection provides a complete overview of the whole product range. All product information is also available online, on our business website SWAROVSKI.COM/PROFESSIONAL, and in the Crystal Collection App for iPad, available on the App Store, and for Android tablets, available on Google Play. A dedication to perfection and innovation has been a cornerstone policy of the company since its foundation in 1895. This pursuit of excellence includes Swarovski’s commitment to trend research, which results in the creation of trend-relevant crystal cuts as well as new colors and effects that are added to the assortment every spring/summer and fall/winter season.

These innovations and seasonal line extensions are featured in comprehensive launch communication packages. Dedicated to remaining the world leader in precision-cut crystal, Swarovski also offers its customers segment-specific collections and customized product solutions as well as trend support and application services. For more information concerning Swarovski products, services, and sales materials, please contact your local Swarovski sales office.


Round Stones

Round Stones are loose crystal elements. Most of them are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to apply in either metal claw settings or pre-set cavities. The assortment features a wide variety of different cuts and sizes, the most innovative one being the XIRIUS Chaton and the smallest one being the XERO Chaton in size PP0. The science of the cut and the celebration of crystal as high art come together in the XIRIUS Chaton, Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal element ever. Merging a gemstone-like cut with rich, varied color and Platinum Pro colored foiling for exceptional durability, XIRIUS takes crystal one step closer to the diamond.

Fancy Stones & Settings

Fancy Stones are available in numerous shapes, ranging from classical gemstone-inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Showing either a faceted or flat reverse side, Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision-cut facets ensure the highest brilliance and lend design ideas a unique sparkle.

Settings are unplated or plated brass components, each specifically tailored to a Fancy Stone, that secure the crystal and allow for a myriad of application possibilities, including, but not limited to, sewing, soldering, and gluing.



Beads offer the highest standard available on the market. The high-quality precision cutting and the clear through-hole achieve high brilliance and clarity. Rounded hole edges reduce the wear on thread and increase the durability of designs. They are available in the latest fashion colors, effects, and cuts. A wide range of colors and effects opens up endless possibilities for different combinations and designs. The main application techniques are beading, wiring, stringing, and weaving.


BeCharmed & Pavé

The BeCharmed & Pavé assortment, ranging from different Crystal and Pavé Beads to Stoppers, Crystal and Pavé Charms in a brilliant array of colors and effects, offering unlimited combination possibilities. All products in this unique line feature a high quality stainless steel part with Swarovski branding and a 4.5 mm-diameter hole, which is the standard size for existing charm concepts, making BeCharmed ideal collectible pieces. Use them to create a look that is unique to you and mark life’s unforgettable moments. In combination with our sparkling Pavé Ball and the versatile applicable Pavé Thread Ring, they are also perfect for creating delicate and individual jewelry sets.


Crystal Pearls

Crystal Pearls are perfect replicas of genuine pearls. They are made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating, producing a flawless, silky smooth, rounded surface. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are delivered loosely threaded or, if desired, also tied. Different hole diameters are available to accommodate a range of applications: art. 5811 Crystal Pearl (large hole), art. 5840 Crystal Baroque Pearl and art. 5860 Crystal Coin Pearl are perfectly suited to applications that require a larger hole diameter. Crystal Pearls offer unlimited combination possibilities with the colorful loose crystal elements assortment.



Pendants have timeless elegance and are available in a large range of classical and avant-garde cuts and shapes, as well as in many colors and effects. Pendants offer a whole range of design possibilities for different segments thanks to their easy application, with the top hole requiring only a jump ring/pinch bail with a chain or cord. Due to the diverse range of sizes available, Pendants are ideal for creating jewelry sets such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
In addition, a completely new pendant concept is now available: the half hole pendants. The customer can decide whether to buy the finished pendant with different metal pin shapes or the crystal alone, allowing customers to express their creativity with a customized metal part or the metal pin itself.


Flat Backs No Hotfix

Flat Backs No Hotfix are loose crystal elements backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. These Flat Backs are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials using standard one- or two-component glues. They are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts. The most innovative single item in this product group is art. 2088 XIRIUS Rose, with its most progressive and unique cut in the market: multilayer cut technology creates the inspiring XIRIUS star design. Superior shine and rich, well balanced refraction of light redefine the market standard. Swarovski‘s outstanding quality in crystal elements are underlined by highest precision in table size and diameter.


Flat Backs Hotfix

Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat-sensitive glue. These Flat Backs can be easily applied to a large range of textile carrier materials using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect. Flat Backs Hotfix are available in a multitude of colors, shapes, and cuts. The increased light reflection and warmer appearance of the Flat Back Rose are achieved through a special silver mirror on the reverse side. The most innovative single item in this product group is art. 2078 XIRIUS Rose, with its most progressive and unique cut in the market: multilayer cut technology, producing the inspiring XIRIUS star design. Superior shine and rich, well balanced refraction of light redefine the market standard. Swarovski‘s outstanding quality in crystal elements are underlined by highest precision in table size and diameter.


Sew-on Articles

Sew-on Articles are loose crystals that can be easily sewn either by hand, or with a standard domestic or industrial embroidery sewing machine onto any kind of textile or accessory. Sew-on Articles come in two- or three-hole varieties, including round, oval, and triangle holes for use in a wide range of decorative applications, from fine embroidery or to jewelry. Lochrosen are crystals with just one hole. Sew-on Articles have rounded edges on the hole entry and exit areas to guarantee thread protection. The assortment offers a great variety of colors and effects to transform textiles and fashion accessories into bespoke luxury items.

The most important items in this product group are art. 3188 XIRIUS Lochrose and art. 3288 XIRIUS Sew-on Stone, featuring the most progressive and unique cut on the market: multilayer cut technology, creating the inspiring XIRIUS star design.


Self-adhesive Elements

Self-adhesive Elements such as Crystal-it, Crystal Leatherette-it, Crystal Fabricit, Crystaltex-it, Crystaltex-it Chaton, Crystal Fine Rocks-it or Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it are eye-catching and innovative products that come ready-to-apply. When applied on paper and solid surfaces, they can create fantastic designs.



Transfers are ideal for Hotfix application on all kinds of textiles. They are available in a large range of motifs and numbers of rows, which are made up of different articles from the Flat Back Hotfix assortment. Featuring designs from our in-house design team, they can include XIRIUS and XILION Roses, or Creation Stones, as well as Metallics and Cabochons. With Transfers Unlimited, Swarovski presents a spectacular new production technology that makes it possible to combine up to 18 different elements in a single motif, doubling existing design possibilities. The Transfer Motifs offered are divided in two categories: Standard Collection and Crystal Inspiration Collection, meeting all needs in the targeted segments, such as womenswear and sportswear, casualwear, and footwear.



These versatile products open up a multitude of creative design possibilities through their numerous application techniques. They combine elegant crystals from Swarovski that can be applied using Hotfix technology with synthetic carrier materials. They are ideal for use in textile, interior design, jewelry, and accessories segments.
Crystal Rocks, Crystal Fine Rocks and Crystal Ultrafine Rocks are innovative and stunning design elements that showcase different sizes of double-pointed chatons.
Crystal Fabric is another inventive product that consists of a carrier material that is completely covered with millions of tiny cut and uncut crystals. Crystaltex Bandings are available in a wide range of colors, effects, and a variety of carrier materials, making it the perfect choice for creating a full spectrum of designs.
Small XILION Chatons turn Crystaltex Chaton Bandings into an exciting and luxurious statement in the fashion world.
Crystal Medley – A brilliant design choice. This Swarovski invention emulates naturally grown forms, adding a mysteriously organic effect to glamorous and progressive styles.
Graphic Fabric/Fine Rocks/Rocks – Have your image taken in crystal. The new graphic technology opens up a world of endless design possibilities.


Plastic Trimmings

Plastic Trimmings are plastic carrier materials with integrated crystals. These multi-functional products can either be hand- or machine-sewn, or glued onto various surfaces. The range of bandings not only offers a color selection of chatons, but also a variety of casing colors. Plastic components, like Mini Rondelles can be used to create many different designs in all segments.


Buttons & Fasteners

Crystal Buttons can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment of button usage ranges from shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, through to denim and accessories. They are suitable for hand and mechanical application. The assortment includes Crystal Buttons, Buttons with Plastic Shank, Decorative, and Jeans Buttons, as well as Snap Fasteners in a variety of sizes, colors, and effects.


Metal Trimmings

Metal Trimmings are forward-integrated metal products. They can be sewn by hand or machine and mechanically applied onto different fabrics, leather, or other materials. Metal Trimmings are bestsellers in our textile, footwear, and accessory segments and offer a wide range of application possibilities.


Crystal Mesh

Crystal Mesh is a flexible metal mesh carrier with integrated loose crystals. The product is available in a wide range of colors and casings, either as a Hotfix version, which can be applied using heat, or as a No Hotfix version that can be hand- or machine-sewn. Customized solutions are possible and customers are able to choose special motifs incorporating up to nine colors. Crystal Mesh is suitable for use in a wide range of segments such as textile and accessories.


Cupchains & Findings

These products are metal chains and findings that can incorporate either Round or Fancy Stones into any creative design. They can be divided into seven sub-categories: Single Stone Settings, Cupchains and Brass Components, Multi Stone Settings, Channels, Metal Buttons, Rondelles, and Linked Findings. Each of these categories is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and platings.


Application Tools

Swarovski offers an ideal product selection for gluing, Ceralun application, Hotfix, sewing, and mechanical application, allowing for simple and problemfree production of state-of-the-art products. The product assortment includes a wide range of Ceralun, glues, mechanical tools, and other application aids, which mean that crystals can be applied simply, quickly, and securely.